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From Marrakech to 180 km we left we went to Essaouira , also known as " The Windy City " due to the currents that blow throughout the year , a beautiful city full of tranquility and wonders to discover , one of them is your Medina because it is a good example of a high naturalistic value .

It is located on a small rock platform into the sea as a peninsula and guarded by the small archipelago of purple , is a fortified town , as almost all are on the coast and were occupied by the Portuguese in which striking inside the medina , with orderly streets rectilinear path , although narrow , much wider than normal on a Moroccan medina , which gives it a unique personality , different from other medinas , The Medina , was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000 , along with the Mellah Jewish quarter and the Kasbah made ​​up of the old walled city . It has fairly narrow alleys where find several very good exotic craft shops and cafes , perfect to stop and rest a few minutes while we take a delicious tea.

You can also enjoy its whitewashed walls with blue doors and all those mysterious corners that characterize this city and are the setting for great photos to your albums , but we can not miss the other great Essaouira Port visited by tourists but also by countless seagulls , somewhat clever , mischievous , which often approach people to steal some food , but many birds fly over the blue port , since it is assumed that fishermen know well what the tones blue best trick sardines and improve the catch of the day . But also in the waters of this town there is a strong presence and abundance of bluefin tuna, which is caught in only one way , with the rod and the drag. However, you can also consume bream, sea bass, mullet and sea bream and sea shells , exquisitely cooked and seasoned .

Apart from that utility that give the blue colour, it should be noted , that color gives this landscape a very relaxing and spiritual . It is a beautiful setting for lovers of photography, these small boats and multi-coloured networks are a perfect plane .


From left early Marrakech towards OUZOUD waterfalls , located 160 km from Marrakech . Enjoy a day under the waterfalls , where we can find water slopes of up to 50 meters high.

Morocco’s highest falls, about a two and a half/three hour drive form Marrakech, so a long day trip. Best seen in the spring after the winter rains.

By mid-morning we visit the water molines , traditional and ancestral to taste after a nice meal sitting on a terrace overlooking the waterfalls.

In the afternoon , we returned to Marrackech .


About 170 kmof Marrakech we find what is probably the best preserved kasbah of Morocco , the perfect place to spend a day of film , declared in 1987 a World Heritage Site , This house of mud and straw appears to us perched about 100 meters high, of great importance from the eleventh century until well into the twentieth century for caravans made ​​the route from Marrakech via Telouet , which gave him great wealth and allows us to enjoy today adobe houses very well decorated , the Ksar is still inhabited by some families , there we can see the typical structure of this type of construction with its aristocratic district , a popular neighborhood and the mellah or Jewish quarter , as it is adobe buildings deteriorate rapidly , so are constants required to reform . For its beauty and to be stopped in time has been the scene of legendary films from Lawrence of Arabia to Gladiator. Come be the star of your story in a place to be Gladiator or King or Indiana Jones or just a curious who want to know .

1 DAY TRIP - EXCURSION from Marrakech to Atlas Mountains (Imlil):

A trip through an incredible landscape to the village of Imlil, the starting point for trekking in the Toubkal massif. Walks of varying length and difficulty or mule rides. A visit to the spectacular setting of the Tamatert Guesthouse can be combines with tea or lunch either at the berber house or in a berber village.

Ourika Valley :

A welcome break form the heat of Marrakech. A leisurely lunch in the mountain air, or a more strenuous scramble to the falls from the wonderful setting of Setti Fatma.