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CULTURE Islam sets the pace of the day with its five calls to prayer. This is done by the muezzin from the minaret. The Moroccans fast and abstain from drinking, smoking and sexual relations from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan. Religious life in Morocco strictly adheres to the Muslim calendar: the Hegira, the day Mohammed left Mecca for Medina, marks year I. The Hegiran year has twelve lunar months of 29-30 days and is therefore shorter than the solar year by an average of eleven to twelve days.

LANGUAGE The language used in Moroccan schools, government services and the media (Newspapers,TV,Radio) is classical Arabic, though the language which is spoken daily is dialectal Arabic. Berber is mainly spoken in the Rif, Atlas and Souss regions. Most Moroccans speak French language, and some speak Spanish (mostly north Morocco) or English.

RELIGION Islam (Sunni) is the official state religion. Christians and Jews form a minority. You can read more about Islam here.

POPULATION 2,993,000

ELECTRICITY Voltage of 220 V in new buildings, 110 V in old ones, sometimes both.

REQUIRED TRAVEL DOCUMENTS To enter the Moroccan territory , you must have a valid passport .

Be aware that Moroccan law prohibits the import or export of the dirham (MAD=Moroccan Dirham =Moroccan currency).

HEALTH No particular vaccine is required. Avoid drinking tap water and the water sold by itinerant sellers.

Opt for mineral water: Sidi Harazem, Imouzzer, Sidi Ali and Oulmès spring waters are sold in bottles.

Find out more information before swimming in wadis. Do not forget tablets for your stomach if it is delicate, and take precautions against insect bites and the sun.

No vaccination certificate is required.